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Embracing Diversity: How Oyster Agribusiness Champions Social Inclusion for An Amputee Farmer.

This initiative has our company setting new standards by embracing social inclusion and empowering physically disabled individuals to thrive in the agricultural sector.

  • May 2024
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Milestones And Breakthroughs.

We’re still in utter excitement over our award over the weekend for the most promising company of the year- a major breakthrough for us as we enter the next quarter of 2024.

  • April 2024
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Oyster @ 6

Celebrating Six Years of Oyster Agribusiness: A Journey of Integrity, Sustainability, and Innovation

  • April 2024
  • 13

Oyster's Maiden Farmer's Durbar

Celebrating Excellence: Oyster's Maiden Farmer's Durbar

  • February 2024
  • 6

Integrating Technology Into Agriculture

Embracing the Future: Integrating Technology Into Agriculture

  • April 2024
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Oyster Shero Spotlight(OSS)

Dedicated to celebrate the work of our women small holder farmers who inspire us daily to work diligently and relentlessly

  • May 2024
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Oyster at 6